Best WhatsApp Group Names Collection

New WhatsApp Group Names Collection


I thought of compiling a list of the coolest and the best whatsapp group names that you’ve been using for your respective groups. For the sake of convenience, we’ll stick to English names that you can use. I have collected a list of names which I found on various pages. Please feel free to add your suggestions below. Let’s see how many innovative names can we come up with.

  • The Lords Of Words
  • The Forwarders – [Because 99% of the people will only forward messages]
  • Fantastic X – Replace ‘X’ with the number of members of the group
  • Wordal Combat – Couldn’t make a better name from Mortal Combat
  • FUBAR Group – Apt for engineering college mates
  • Recycle Bin – because no worthy messages go into this group
  • The Abusement Park – Not sure if this is cool
  • Pin Drop Nonsense – for the total nonsense group
  • U R Fired – Because some day you will be