Funny Group Names

Top Funny Whatsapp Group Names!

I don’t have friends for long on the Whatsapp messenger , it seems they hang around for about a month are so then they vanished and when I see them again it’s like we don’t know each other, I feel like when I go around people their talking about me are something I feel like I don’t fit in anywhere, and I am quick to judge so that don’t help, if they do something that triggers me wrong then I am done with them , there’s no change in my mind I try and ask myself why I’m like that ,I hate it but guess that’s me , another thing is when I meet someone and I get a strange vibe on them. I’m done they don’t get a chance, I hate this about Whatsapp but I can’t change. I’ve tried and guess I’m just set in my ways; I have never had long lasting strangers who become friends on Whatsapp. Now I just add friends, who get fitted in four of my Whatsapp groups, my Whatsapp group names are Family Matters, Friends Forever, Colleagues Junction, and College Mistakes. I guess these are so cool but I speak and I say what’s on my mind , I do not have a problem with the truth and a lot of people can’t deal with that, but I’m really just a good old country girl.

Funny Group Names
Funny Group Names

Whatsapp group names for sisters!

Connecting Souls

Staunch Ladies

Ding dong Bubbles

Freedom Flowers

Classical Clever

Music Maids

Focus Fairies

Naughty Professors

Hardship Gals

Princess Room

Queens Lounge

Panic Planners

Sticky Sandwiches

Serious Saints

Whatsapp group names for Facebook friends!

Cent Lovers

Roman Gamer

Cyber Cobber

Cyber Doom

Cyber Dumbest

Creative Chatters

Kitty Corny

Doom Doorway

Bikers and devil

Doom Life

Blue Republicans

Vibe Makers

Dumbest Group

Hit Men

Spicy Republicans

Mexican Postman’s

Rest Racers

Rambo Killers

Few Good Men

Furious Fifty

Flirty Crowns

Facebook Magicians

Facebook Saints

Facebook Wizards

Facebook Dancers

Whatsapp group names for family members!

The following list of funny group names for family members based on the idea of a cool word attached with family leader, your family leader could be a name of your grandpa, mother, father aunt, uncle or grandmother.

Peanut Family

Petals of Gold

Will’s Diners

Smith Dignity

Lara Loins

John juniors

Janet Jaguars

Becky Hunters

Samantha Leaders

Erica Actions

James Hammers

William Wolves

Josh Characters

Ryan Stubborn

Davis Farts

Stephen Signs

Laura Bestirs

Stewart Supers

Paul Pixels

Anderson Sons

Michael Made

Walters Absolutely

Rachel Chill

Impossible Karen

Rough Susan Sons

Cobra Crowns

Stupidity of Susan

Lawrence Little’s

Tiger Tingles

Trained Tuscan

Whatsapp cool group name ideas for best friends!

Now it’s time to collect all of your close friends in a cool group name, you can create your own group name by adding things of your common interests in your group name.

Self Warmish Thoughts

Nonstop Chatters

Chat Phobia

Friends Tent

Stupid and Idiotic

Immense Potential Girls

Figuratively Speakers

Pepsi Mates

Junior Stunts

Bingo Bikers

Valley Racers

Waste Brains

Valet Minds

Trolls of disgust

Lazy Stragglers

Five Idiots

Nonsense Nine

Ten Toppers

Twenty Panda

Seven Smokers

Eleven Eagles

Eight Eggs

Thirteen Thunders

Sixteen Looser

Devils Workshop

Scatty Girls

Snoring Mates

Shopping Thieves

Bingo Wives

Legal Bachelors

Cherry Choppers

Hindi Hands

Higher Drifters

Local Losers

Little Moons

Magical Mental

Fruitful Flightiest

Wrong Numbers

High School Heels

Weird Clicks

Clever Cats

Childhood Choppers

Six Spoons

Crap Collectors

Beware Brothers

Banish Gang

Golden Gang

Green Gang

Tough Team

Boiled Boxers

Brown Band

Grocery Gals

Glacier Gadgets

Skinny Snakes

Secret Losers

Republic of Restless

Freaky Friends

Ignorant Buddies

Fastest Fifteen

Fabulous Five

Unstable Women


I was made fun of a lot growing up, and always felt out of place, as I got older I began to withdraw into myself and studied more. I studied quantum physics and science, I studied psychology and human behavior and what I came up with was pretty simple. Only ignorant people, with a lack of compassion and or empathy would ever make fun of or belittle a person with a mental disorder, and this universe is too big and expensive to allow the opinions of others, that have no bearing on my personal or otherwise life, to allow them to hinder me. Also I see my Whatsapp group’s names differently. I feel like I can relate to people and understand things better than a lot of people, so in reality I just see their ignorance for what it is and I try to make the choice to view them through that light so it won’t bother me. Then again, I may just have really thick skin.